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Marketing can be overwhelming.
The good news is, we’ll push you in the right direction.

Brand Development

Push Media & Communications are inspired by popular culture, art, fashion and emerging technology. We transform brands to energise or revitalise their presence in the market.

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Our leading creative talent and brand strategists deliver an integrated turn-key solution. From the initial consultation we invest in research, benchmarking and strategising. From there we deliver full service graphic design right through to multi-media integration, event activation and inspiring creative styling.

Social Media Management

Social media loses its impact when it’s no longer fun and it’s constantly changing and evolving. Our strategies are founded on continuity, story telling and engagement.

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Our network of social media analysts keeps us on the edge. Our services include:

  • Management and maintenance of social media platforms
  • Social media marketing and strategy
  • Competition hosting
  • Data capture

Creative Strategy

A great brand campaign can only be achieved with great strategy. Scoping, planning and benchmarking are all essential ingredient to our philosophy.

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Push prides itself on fun and innovation. We find ways to extract the most fun from any campaign. We identify ways to entangle the market with creative solutions that engage the audience. We love story telling and we relish the challenge of developing colourful and entertaining campaigns.

Push boasts some of Australia’s leading creative talent. From conceptual strategy, right through to stunt marketing and inspiring competitions and events, we know how to engage your audience.

A clearly defined campaign plan can have dramatic impact and penetration. A strategic set of objectives and targets deliver our clients clarity and a vision with clearly defined outcomes.

Ultimately ROI can be measured and tracked across a range of platforms including TV, digital, radio, retail and traditional media.

Sponsorship Consultancy

With more than 20 years experience in sponsorship procurement and management, we have an intimate knowledge of how the process works. From popular sport, to music festivals and lifestyle event integration, we have access to all areas.

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Sponsorship can be an incredibly effective strategy. But too many times we see sponsorships fail due to neglect in leveraging the assets.

For rights holders, the challenge remains delivering ROI. Quite often rights holders become too insular in their offerings expecting the sponsor to leverage their investment.

For sponsors, they often make the critical error of failing to allow adequate resources to activate the sponsorship – typically relying on the rights holder to deliver creative solutions and resolving integration of their broader campaign.

Push was established to act as the conduit between rights holders and commercial sponsors to ensure clarity and resolution of objectives and outcomes. Further to this we provide creative strategy to spark excitement, visibility and integration with sponsor’s broader marketing and advertising campaigns.

Community Sponsorship: For some of our clients we find community sponsorship to be a better fit. We have pioneered amazing and rewarding community sponsorships that benefit not only the local community, but the reputation of our clients.

We can talk to any age group with various sponsorship platforms to suit any budget.

Our scope includes:

  • Motorsport, including V8 Supercars
  • AFL, cricket and tennis
  • Personal celebrity sponsorship in sport and entertainment
  • Planning and leveraging of assets
  • Procurement and contract negotiation
  • Lifestyle integration including concerts, theatre, festivals and live music
  • Proposal development
  • Consultancy
  • Property scoping

Rights Holder Support: Push is engaged by Australia’s leading sporting properties as a strategic resource to support their internal team, and their sponsors, to deliver more effective leveraging of sponsorship.

This resource is offered over and above the property’s existing in-house resources. It has the critical and strategic effect of circumnavigating a brand’s tendency to be persuaded from sponsorship by its media buying agency who do not profit from sponsorships.

By offering this support to its existing and potential clients, rights holders resource their sponsors directly. This support includes creative campaign strategy to not only maximise their investment with that team, but to work more broadly ensuring integration and resolution with their overall strategy.

A by-product for rights holders is we identify creative strategies to assist sponsorship procurement. The ‘splatter-fun’ effect is avoidd with pre-determined campaign strategies, rather than simply proposing the predictable and under-resolved sponsorship proposals.

Sponsor Engagement: Push works closely with brands to ensure leveraging of their investment. With 20+ years inside and out of some of Australia’s most valuable sporting properties, Push knows how to maximise sponsorship of sport, arts and the community. Our services include:

  • Sponsorship negotiation and contract management
  • Strategy development
  • Activation management
  • Creative strategy
  • Sponsorship management
  • Scoping of properties and investment
  • Retail integration
  • Promotions and competition
  • Corporate hospitality support

Marketing & Communications

Push Media & Communications is a creative marketing agency with a knack for pushing the envelope. We offer a full range of services including PR, Strategy, Campaign Management, Advertising, Events & Promotion, Merchandise and Brand Ambassadors.

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Public Relations: We recognise the importance of good external relationships and share the urgency around critical response times. We can take care of all media releases, copywriting & content development, dealer & media launches, media management, linguistics & international translation, product launches and supporting publicity.

Campaign Management:¬†Our campaign management gets down to the nitty gritty and out attention to detail delivers assurance from start to end. From advertising campaigns, to sponsorship leveraging, in-store promotions, social media competitions, incentive-based programs and more…we aim to be seen and heard!

Our services include merchandise, media planning & buying, event & activation management, sound & lighting, visual displays, multimedia integration, brand ambassadors, experiential & tactical strategies, local area marketing and more!

Advertising: Despite the surge in social media communication, advertising remains a critical element of any campaign. Outdoor continues to grow and evolve, whilst traditional media still has its place in a well resolved campaign.

Events & Promotions: Concerts and festival sponsorship can be a highly effective way to position a brand. Alternatively, we offer full service capabilities to run events or promotions. From insurances, licenses, talent, venues, catering and staging, to marketing and total event strategy, we enjoy every facet of major events.

Our services include:

  • Lifestyle integration including festivals and concerts
  • Product launches
  • POS promotions and incentives
  • Dealer and media launches
  • Ticketing
  • Venue management including stage, lighting and sound
  • Talent management
  • Advertising & promotion
  • Catering

Merchandise: How many times have you seen a brand’s position undermined by poorly dressed retail staff, representatives or merchandise? Push offers complete¬† in-house merchandise design and production of off-shore, large-scale merchandise programs including apparel and souvenirs. Most importantly it forms part of our overall strategy and it’s never an after-thought.

Brand Ambassadors: Public figures, celebrities and sport personalities can do amazing things for brands. The right personality can elevate a brand’s reputation and profile and take the brand all over the world. Push is proud to have an association with some of Australia’s leading personalities from sport and entertainment. Personal sponsorships, right through to complete ambassadorships can deliver experiential engagement and yet another reason to choose your brand over a competitors.

Digital Production

We love digital! It’s fun. We’re always looking for engaging ways of leveraging it. We offer a full suite of support from videography and audio production, right through to analytics, apps, email marketing and digital catalogues. But it doesn’t stop there! We develop fully integrated campaigns that connect with all digital platforms.

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Video Production: As more and more brands turn to content to tell their story, we recognise how important it is to deliver quality production and engaging creative content. Our team have enjoyed a long history in the arts and entertainment industry with experience in live television, theatre and touring concerts. Push understand the art of entertainment and when it’s all said and done, this is too often forgotten.

Our sevices include:

  • TVC
  • Event videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Content development
  • Script & theme/concept development
  • Creative direction
  • Production and filming
  • Hype reels
  • Scheduled content

Audio Production: Too often we see the effectiveness of great content diluted by poorly chosen audio or music. We have the talent to not only help your brand look relevant, but sound current! More than that, we have full recording and studio resources at our disposal, as well as song writers and musicians that can custom produce distinctive audio to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Our services include:

  • Jingles
  • Voice overs
  • Music licensing
  • Radio advertisements

App Development: Apps are such a great way to entangle customers and followers. From basic functionality right through to more complex engagement including mobile gaming, Push works with its client to achieve complete integration.

Email Marketing: Design & production, database management & support, reporting & analytics and campaign management.

Website Development & SEO

A website says so much about a brand. That initial impression sets the tone for how a potential client or customer is going to interact with your brand. We are skilled at the design, maintenance and content development for websites covering all manner of industies.

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At Push Media & Communications we are experts in the design & development of intuitive, beautiful websites that attract and appeal to the target market. We believe in designing websites that make sense, that are easy to navigate and above all get the desired outcome our client would like. A website is a crucial sales tool that is all too often overlooked as simply an online brochure. We’ll make sure your website actually works for you!

SEO Strategy & Analytics: At Push, we offer in-house SEO strategy and development. We deliver detailed research and analysis to offer on-going support in organic and paid strategies too. We’re also flexible enough to work with any budget.

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